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Hand Dry

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim

Sanitary Trim

Full Body Haircut  Style



Hand Dry


Nail Trim

Ear Cleaning

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Welcome at Vanity Fur

Vanity Fur is a great, convenient choice for your pets overall grooming needs with personalized service and highly qualified stylists. We’ll handle your fur baby with the love, attention and respect they deserve from drop off to pickup.

We offer full-service bathing and grooming and special upgrades to pamper your dog. You can also choose from our a la carte options and be surety ask about our Dead Sea Spa products. We welcome you to stay and browse our retail section with unique pet products or enjoy free WiFi and TV or relax in our outdoor courtyard ith a cup of coffee.

At Vanity Fur our highest priority is the health, comfort and well being of your beloved pet. We do everything possible to provide a stress free, comfortable and safe environment and a positive grooming experience for your pet. To insure the best experience, our salon is bright, roomy and spotlessly clean…

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"My puppy has his first haircut today at Vanity Fur and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable leaving him there. The staff are amazing and they have turned my shaggy puppy into a cloud! Rocket had a great time playing with the other dogs and we will 100% return. Thanks Nicole, you are wonderful."

Jessie Seabrook

Gentle, Calm

About us | Vanityfur

Our vision

Is to respect the bond between people and pets. We recognize that all of our pets share emotions. They feel pleasure, pain, fear, anxiety, happiness and sadness. Our vision is to amplify the positive emotions during an unnatural process and to eliminate the negative emotions as much as possible….

Our mission

At Vanity Fur our highest priority is the health, comfort and well being of your beloved pet. We do everything possible to provide a stress free, comfortable and safe environment and a positive grooming experience for your pet. To insure the best experience, our salon is bright, roomy and spotlessly clean…

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Foremost You and Your Dog

Sooos Dead Sea Spa product for Pets

Espree Natural Wholesome Pet Products

Giggy Bites Bakery


Puppy Cake turpis egestas

We care

We care about you and your pet while in our care. We care about natural products and their effects on creatures and the environment. We care about pet - human bonds and relationships. We care about your satisfaction with our services.

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& Loving environment

& unconditionally love for animals

Certified groomers with a passion

equipment for your pet

State of the art comfortable

& health oriented


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More info

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Bath only


Hand Dry

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim

Face & Sanitary Trim



Hand Dry


Nail Trim

Ear cleaning

Vanity Fur FAQ

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Q. How frequently should I have my dog groomed?

A. It depends on the breed of your dog, his lifestyle, your at home grooming routines and on how you

     want him to look and smell. While it’s true that a clean animal is a healthier one, excessive bathing

     can dry out the skin and strip it of its natural oils. Generally speaking, short-coated dogs with no skin

     conditions can go six to eight weeks between baths unless they have gotten into something dirty or

     smelly. Longer-coated dogs should be groomed every four to six weeks to ensure their hair doesn’t

     get matted and isn’t harboring insects or hidding skin conditions. Of course, certain haircut dogs

     should be groomed more often than others to maintain their appearance.

Q. Should I have my dog groomed less in the winter?

A. Actually, because of the affects of salt and snow on the animal’s body, in general more frequent

     groomings are called for in the winter.

Q. Why does my dog shake his head after grooming?

A. As part of the grooming process we clean the ears and pluck hair from the ear opening (unless the

     owner asks us not to do so) to allow air to flow more freely into the ear to keep it dry. After cleaning

     and removal of the ear hair, the dog sometimes has a tickling sensation and shaking his head is the

     dog’s way of responding to the tickle.

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Jen started in the pet industry as a pet care specialist over 9 years ago. Her love for animals and working with dogs lead her into the pet grooming industry. She first worked as a Bather and Brusher and then after graduating from grooming school in June 2012 became a certified groomer in a busy salon. Jen loves to surprise her clients with big transformations from dirty and shaggy to clean and dapper. Her experience and expertise will make your pup shine!


A certified vet tech, dog trainer and groomer Amy does it all. After graduating from grooming school Amy started to do In-House grooming, which gave her the experience to become a magnificent pet groomer. Her experience as a vet tech and dog trainer give her the advantage to handle all kinds of dog personalities. Her styles range from clean cut to fluffy long and everything pink! Let Amy pamper your pooch and book your free consultation today!


Nicole has a long history in the pet industry. Growing up in Germany with horses and her Yorkshire Terrier, Gesa, gave her an early experience with all kinds of pets. At a young age of 12 years old, Nicole started to groom her Yorkie on her own and would have never thought to become a pet groomer one day. After moving to the USA and starting a Dog Walking and Pet Sitting company “Chester County Dog Walkers, Inc.” more than 8 years ago, Nicole decided to become a certified pet groomer. After providing In-House grooming services to her clients for a while, Nicole opened Vanity Fur at Eagleview, a boutique pet salon and spa for dapper dogs.


Aka “the bandit groomer” Divina’s passion and love for animals guided her into becoming a dog walker and pet sitter for many years. After attending a grooming trade show Divina decided to go to school to become a groomer, from which she graduated over 2 years ago. Divina’s patient and calm personality as well as her attention to detail makes her a great groomer. Divina is known to her client as a trendy pet stylist who loves to “steal” your pups heart. new!


Our apprentice extraordinaire. Loves dogs of all sizes and shapes. Sean currently apprentices under Jen and Divina to become a Bather & Brusher and down the road a pet stylist. No dog is too dirty for Seanny.



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Short body - long legs





Spaniels etc

Whole body brush out, nose to tail.

Great solution for in-between-baths.

Avoid matting.

A must for all dogs! Prevent dental

disease by regular brushing your dogs

teeth. Don’t know how? Let us do the work!

Want to prevent scratches on your

hardwood floors and your legs? Come in

for a nail buff and get rid of those nasty

sharp nail edges.

Do you vacuum every day! Is your lint roller

your best friend instead of your dog? Come

in for a deshedding treatment! We will bath

your pup with a special deshedding

shampoo and will get those unwanted

loose hair of your dog.

Ears Health

Don’t you love the way your pet looks, feels, and smells after a day at our grooming salon and spa? Wouldn’t it be great if you could keep him looking that good all the time? Well, you can.

All you need is some time, the proper tools, and the know-how to use them correctly.

There’s more to good grooming than just looking good.

Just as you take care o your everyday grooming needs, your pet needs routine care too. Regular professional and at-home grooming sessions are essential for your pet’s comfort and well being.

Inspect your pet’s ears weekly. They should be a healthy looking pink with no foul odor or wax buildup. To maintain healthy ears, they should be carefully and thoroughly cleaned with a pet ear cleaning product.




Tools & Techniques

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Hand Dry

Ear Cleaning

Nail Trim



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